AEF is beginning to amass a body of media (e.g. scores, texts and videos) that can support instruction and training in Byzantine chant, and has access through the Greek university system to scholarly publications not generally available to an English-speaking readership. Beyond teachers, teaching materials are vital to the increased practice and appreciation of Byzantine chant in America. These materials have a diverse audience, and their production and distribution to this audience is an important objective of AEF. Again, like our conferences, the measure of our success is in the diversity of the audience, its size and the value they place on our efforts through continued interest in our publications.

A related objective is to packaged and distribute concert recordings. This is similar to our pedagogical publishing effort, but the criteria for success are primarily aesthetic, and not so much educational. Our objective is to capture and produce performances of great beauty, and reach not only a Greek audience with our recordings, but also those who regard Byzantine music as a part of the European fine art heritage.

At our 2008 conference, AEF was able to commission transcriptions of all the music presented there in both performance and analysis. These transcriptions by John Boyer presented traditional Byzantine and common practice notation together on a single staff, and included English translations of the original Greek. These transcriptions were of inestimable help to the attendees, both laity and church choir leaders, who were not facile with Byzantine notation. Removing these initial barriers opened up the music to a general audience; as well as Orthodox choir members for whom the notation, modes and performance indications in the original manuscripts have proven difficult to read. AEF also videotaped the multi-day workshop “Building a Byzantine Choir” given by Lycourgos Angelopoulos. This workshop offered practical experience in the role of the choir within the Greek Orthodox liturgy of tremendous value to American choir leaders, and also the interested public, who may be unfamiliar with the way Byzantine chant is organized within church services. These print and video materials are deserving of an audience beyond the conference attendees, and AEF disseminated these materials in video-podcast form on the national level.

AEF is also involved with translating and distributing important scholarly and pedagogical materials in English, to broaden its audience beyond native-speakers of Greek.